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Stop messing about and get the help and support you need to hit your fitness goals this year!

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

New year's resolutions are easy to make, but difficult to keep. And if your resolution this year is to finally get into shape, then you're probably familiar with that struggle. But don't worry, this year can be different! Here's how to make sure you finally achieve your fitness resolution this time: join a private personal training gym and take part in Small Group Training!

But Why?

Training in a small group provides many awesome benefits that are often overlooked. Not only is it fun and relatable, but it can also create a sense of camaraderie and support that you may not get just going to the gym or training in a large group setting. Here's why it's so great.

Now, whenever you hear the phrase "small group training" you may get a mental image of a group of fitness enthusiast sweating it out with a grumpy personal trainer, paying over the odds for a level of treatment you'd rather do without. But this doesn't have to be the case! In fact, there are a number of unique benefits to being a member of a private personal training gym that specializes in small group training.


Now, in this current economic climate its important that we recognize that cost plays a significant role in our decision process for subscribing to services or buying goods. For starters, the cost of having a private lesson with one person can add up quickly. Group classes, however, are usually much less expensive. This is because the gym is able to spread out the cost of materials and instruction over multiple clients. So, each person pays a lower cost for the same quality coach instruction. Small Group Training sessions can be a fun and more economical way to learn how to train. The cost benefits of small group training can allow individuals to get the similar quality instruction of 1-1 without breaking the bank.

Personalized, Structured and Tailored Sessions

Small group training gyms often offer more focused and goal-oriented sessions. The coach will work with the group as a whole, outlining their goals for the session at the outset in order to ensure everyone is on the same page. This then allows everyone involved to stay focused and organized throughout the process, which can lead to a better training experience and results overall.

Intimidation is non existent!

Another advantage of training in a small group of 4 people, is that it can be more motivating than a big class. Having fewer eyes on you can be less intimidating and make it easier to take risks and make mistakes without fear of judgment. In addition, the small size of the group allows for significantly more individualized assistance from the coach, so that everyone can receive the help and guidance they need to reach their goals.

It's more fun, Fact!

Training in a small group is more fun! Fact! With fewer people, the atmosphere is much livelier and the training feels more like hanging out with friends than a class. Everyone gets the chance to contribute their opinions, compete in good-natured battles, and create lasting memories together. They understand your struggles, celebrate your successes, and provide encouragement along the way. Since the group is smaller, there is more time to focus on individual achievements, so everyone gets the recognition they deserve. This is huge when it comes to training consistency and longevity!


In conclusion, small group training offers a cost effective, enjoyable, personalized and structured way to train. With more money saved in the end, plus more individualized instruction, it's no wonder why group training has become so popular these days.

So if your new year's resolution is fitness-centric, don't sweat it. Join a Small Group Personal Training gym like GYMTRO and we can help you make this the best new year yet!

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