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Why the 90 Day Momentum?

What result do you really expect to see in 1 month, even 6 weeks? Well we believe it's a great kickstart but for something more long term, the 90 Day momentum has been designed to give you the long term results you've been looking for.

We want to show you what we can do with you in 90 Days and give you the best chance to keep those changes long term and stay the new fitter, stronger and healthier version of yourself for longer.

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90 Day Momentum?


Nano training

Book a call to learn more and see if nano-training is right for your goals 


1-1 PT

Book a call to learn more about how we approach 1-1 personal training

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The 90 Day Momentum is for anyone who is looking to really commit to improving, transforming or challenging themselves with the support of our incredible coaches.

At Gymtro, we are here to work with and push you as an individual to your maximum potential. Don't worry about anyone else here - It's You vs You. 

Who is the 90 Day Momentum


So What Do I Get? 

Experience everything Gymtro has to offer with this ultimate 90 Day Momentum plan.

36 nano PT training sessions

Nano sessions are 4 people only and is the perfect setup if you're looking for an intimately sized group but tailored and personal programming to help you achieve your goals over the next 90 Days.

Unlimited group training classes

Ramp up your 90 Day journey with our Large Group Training sessions; perfect for those who are looking for a high energy training setup focused on a set "workout of the day".

Functional Movement

Our Functional Movement Screen enables us to understand your body mechanics before you start your 90 Day journey with us.  

Inbody analysis

Get to know your body. See the difference 90 Days can make by quickly measuring fat mass, muscle mass, and body water levels. No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes.


Having the nutritional guidance you need for the next 90 Days with the Gymtro recipe books. These are your guides to re-educating yourself in healthier eating. Vegetarian and Vegan options available. 





So which one will it be?

Train in a community environment with a program crafted to your specific needs. Nano training gives you the care of and attention of 1-1 coaching but in sessions with 3 other people.

90 Day Momentum Trial*

£555 - 2 sessions a week

£660 - 3 session a week

  • Unlimited Group Training and Classes

  • Functional Movement Screening

  • Inbody Analysis

  • Monthly Catch Up

  • Gymtro T Shirt

  • Gymtro Recipe Books

  • (Vegetarian and Vegan options available)

*One time use.

1 Month Trial*


  • 10 Nano PT Sessions

  • Unlimited Group Training and Classes

  • Functional Movement Screening

*One time use.

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